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High-efficiency Transmission Flat Belt

Product Name: High-efficiency Transmission Flat Belt
Product Model: Flat Belt
Specification: Negotiate

Product Description

High-efficiency tangential belt are designed for various kinds of textile machine

The double-sided friction cover of tangential belts has excellent properties of antistatic and resistance to abrasion,heat and oils.The special nylon corn offers excellent flexibility with high strength and minimum elongation,so it can guarantee the constant speed and high evenness of the yarn.

Transmission flat belts consist of double sided cover made from special NBR with high resistance to abrasion and the nylon core with excellent flexibility and high tensile strength.

Main performance characteristics:

•High transmission efficiency over 9%.
•High transmission speed more than 60m/s.
•High resistance to abrasion.
•Excellent antistatic.
•Excellent flexibility with high tensile strength and minimum elongation.
•Long service life.


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