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Truly Endless Timing Belt

Product Name: Truly Endless Timing Belt
Product Model: AT20
Specification: 25-AT20

Product Description

KINGTOP TIMING BELTS are manufactured in thermoplastic polyurethane, which gives superior wear and abrasion resistance.Mainly model MXL、XL L、H、XH、HTD3M、5M、8M、14M、S3M、S5M、S8M、T2.5、T5、T10、T20、AT3、AT5、AT10、AT20、RPP5M、RPP8M,Special coatings customers’ request, such as Linatex,honey comb,PU,sponge,cleats,guide etc.


Mechamical Features:

  • Consistent dimensional stability
  • Low pre-tension
  • Low noise
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • High flexibility
  • Linear speeds up to 80m/sec
  • High precision linear positioning

Chemical Features:

  • Good resistance to Ageing, Hydrolysis, UVA ray, Ozone
  • Working temperature range – 30。C to +80。C(up to +110。C for short periods)
  • High resistance to oils, fats and greases
  • Good resistance to most acids and alkalis


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